Future Mobility Stellato Wheelchair (WMA2FM005)

The Stellato wheelchair is an innovative, low maintenance, performance wheelchair. The Stellato comes with many standard features, including a side storage pocket for personal use that is easily accessible for the user. Developed for comfort and affordability, the Stellato wheelchair offers exceptional value.


Light Weight Easily Foldable

Stellato Wheelchair Light Weight Easily FoldableStellato is a lightweight and easily foldable wheelchair. It is mostly used for transportation purposes. Stellato is the best folding wheelchair because is is very lightweight, easy to transport and has great durability.
You can set the height of the arm with this feature of Stellato Wheelchair. T-style Gel Arm allows easy height adjustment of T-arm. Stellato has some standard height options. You can set your arm, according to your requirement.

SStellato Wheelchair Swingaway Removable Front Riggingswingaway Removable Front Riggings

Swingaway removable front riggings has the option of pin style or center pivot swing outs. Many aluminum and composite foot- plates options are available.

Stellato Wheelchair Different Cross-BraceDifferent Cross-Brace

Single aluminium cross-brace for optimum rigidity and ease of folding Elliptical heavy duty cross brace tubing creates a structurally sound frame.


Stellato Wheelchair Push Pull Wheel LockPush Pull Wheel Lock

Stellato Wheelchair wheel lock with handle is available in both push or pull to lock options. Brake extension attached to handle and it stops the Wheelchair immediately.


Stellato Wheelchair Adjustable Height Anti-TippersAdjustable Height Anti-Tippers

Stellato provides safe driving and it is the best feature of folding wheelchair. Stellato use anti tippers with locks. It is easily detachable. Anti tipper makes sure that Stellato Wheelchair can not go back beyond the fix angle. It protects the user of the wheelchair.


Stellato Wheelchair Adjustable Height Axle PlateAdjustable Height Axle Plate

It is a multi hole rear wheel mounting plate. Stellato gives the facility to adjust axle plate position. You can set axle plates according to the requirements. It is so simple that you can adjust your wheelchair at any time.

Stellato Wheelchair Adjustable Back CanesAdjustable Back Canes

Stellato Back canes can be adjustable. You can set height of back canes and it can be set between -5 and 21 degrees.


Stellato Wheelchair Flipback ArmsFlipback Arms

Stellato has flipback back arms. Flipback arms allow for easy transfer. So it is a great wheelchair for transportation.


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